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Gulf Shores
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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

4-19-13 RMB Not Intentionally

4-19-13 RMB Not Intentionally
Dear Rita Mae Brown,
Yesterday I thought about how long it had been since I spent time writing my stories, my own unpublished books. I have some characters in mind, some storylines to carry them through. I’ve written bits and pieces.
As the thought crossed my mind ‘I need to shape a story around the piece I wrote about the man exploding a bomb in his home’, like being gently smacked upside the head, I saw the connection between that writing and what was aired on the news this morning about the explosion in the Boston bomber suspect’s home. Now it makes sense why that scene was so vivid, why I had to write it, get if off my chest. I wrote it a few weeks ago.
I may post the story in my blog when I get it further along. I should polish it up or complete it first. I left it hanging, not knowing why the man had blown himself and his home up when the police arrived. Even now that I see the connection I don’t want to emulate reality, not intentionally anyway.
All my best,

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