Gulf Shores

Gulf Shores
Photographer Patricia Gulick

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

10/30/17 RMB Happy Halloween

10/30/17 RMB Happy Halloween

Dear Rita Mae Brown,
I blinked and October disappeared.

This evening Maria will drag her fire pit out to the center of the front yard, fill it with wood and light a fire that will brighten the path towards the candy bowl for trick or treaters, toddlers to teens.

The streets will be filled with cheer, princesses, ghosts, goblins and pumpkins. There are normally a few Supermen, Spidermen and, this year, probably more zombies that normal, an influence of our cable TV viewing. And there will be a few extra Wonder Women, loved that movie.

The two eldest of the nephew trio are in more trouble than normal, but have sweetened up their adults, myself included, to be able to partake of the festivities.

Recently I read the book Hamilton by Ron Chernow and it sparked an interest in the history of our presidents. A couple more quick reads from the YA (young adult) section of our library have filled in the blanks, forgotten history lessons from days long ago. And this venture reminded me of the trials and tribulations of our nation, the offenses, the wars, as well as the driving desire to make life better for ourselves and others that flows in waves.

First we fight, we conquer, and then we rebuild. We struggle, argue, challenge, demand…and then negotiate. On national and international levels, we eventually come to find that “we” are not better than “they”, whoever “we” and “they” may be, only different.

When we respect differences and negotiate first, will we begin to evolve into a peaceful world. Instead of rebuilding what has been destroyed, the land, families, hearts, we can build bridges spanning generations, accepting that if we are too different to live together, we can live nearby and still share our knowledge and resources.

Imagine if we had learned from the Native American, if we had lived in harmony, if we had invited the African Americans to join us, rather than capturing them, if the colonies had proven the benefits of being a free nation and negotiated our independence instead of fighting for it.

Every wish, dream, and goal, begins in the imagination. As we watch costumes parade by tonight, we are reminded that we can be anything we want to be, and peace feels within reach.

Happy Halloween,