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Gulf Shores
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Thursday, June 20, 2013

4-20-13 RMB Open Dimensions

4-20-13 RMB Open Dimensions
Dear Rita Mae Brown,
I am meeting with one of the boys’ moms, tonight to start posting your letters. I have mailed several to you and so far have not received any cease and desist orders, although I suppose it’s possible they have not even reached you yet. I get the impression, from all elements that impress upon me, that it’s time to go for it.
Since I have confessed the vast majority of my mystical quirks to you, here’s another thing I do that I think everyone does, probably not intentionally though. I talk to people with my mind. I find with friends and family, they will often tell me later “Hey I was thinking about you yesterday morning (or whenever it was that I was chatting with them).” I can also get a feeling for what’s going on in their life and tell them about mine. I would like to see this develop in humankind, seems worthy of an evolutionary nod.  
Most recently, my “adult” sister, the one that raised me, has been asking what I am up to. I haven’t told her about these letters. I know she feels something’s up. She was the one wary of me posting anything on the internet. She has gifts too, as we all do, but she also has an extremely analytical mind, a gift to her from our father. Everything has to make absolute sense to be fully recognized. I don’t make sense to her, in many ways.
To her credit, either because of the strength of her love, or her own wish to both understand and be understanding, over the last couple of decades she has opened up her consciousness.  Having two children also brought forth to her the level of connection between people that can’t be reasoned through current scientific methods. Parenthood, or close relations of any kind, open up dimensions of the mind, heart and soul.
I hope I am not bothering you with my chatter.  I once had a friend tell me that she thought of me too much, she needed solitude. I purposely did not mentally chat with her to give her space, even though I often had to tell her to leave me alone, as it was her seeking me whether she realized it or not. When I saw her at her work she’d pull me aside to say she was not going to call me that night. She knew I didn’t mind her calls. She had man trouble and wanted to work it through on her own. More often than not she called anyway and when she didn’t, she still visited with her energy. Somehow with the things I know, she thought I had answers to some things. I regret I did not. I had some insights, but those do not prevent heartache when the heartache is a part of one’s path.
That was a couple of decades ago. I didn’t have the words for what I do, didn’t understand nearly as much as I do now. Her comment made me realize that I was making a connection with people when I visit this way. Since then I have been conscious only to visit when I am sure I am welcome, just as one would not show up at someone’s house unexpectedly, I try to give equal respect to their souls. I feel welcome with you.
In Six of One I like the connections you make between Celeste and her brothers, especially Spottiswood. I like the connection you make between Cora and Celeste, one that is felt more than spoken. Through your writing, I see you understand my view of things, or maybe it is I that understands yours. Your writing reveals a side of human nature that, if fully realized, would propel as towards better days.

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