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Gulf Shores
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Friday, June 7, 2013

4-5-13 RMB Sleep
Dear Rita Mae Brown,
After watching the biographical video of you ( and writing about it, I talked to my enlightened friend, the one that I introduced to my friend the tree. I told her to watch the video; that you reminded me of her in that video (yes, she is adorable too, but the likeness goes beyond that).
She has been reading these letters since the first couple were written, she is an editor by trade and I value her literary opinion. She mentioned something today. Someone once told her, after attending a Rita Mae Brown talk, that you reminded that person of her. So she has been told this at least twice.
I happened to stop at another friend’s house on the way home tonight. I showed her the video…seems people can’t speak with me these days without hearing something about you. Then I asked her “Who does she remind you of?” She thought for a moment and said the name of our mutual friend. Interesting.
I did not make the connection before. Great minds think alike, so it is no surprise, just interesting.

Today I got the book Six of One. I am reading your books in order when possible. There are several websites that list them all, so I won’t do that here. Some show different publication dates, depending on reprints or various edition printings. I look for the earliest publication date I can find to figure out which one to read next, but try to find a latest edition to read because I notice you have added some insights to later printings, nice.
I like that you have written works for so many platforms: poetry, novels, instructional (about being a writer), two (or is it three) mystery series, memoirs, even a cookbook of sorts, not to mention multiple contributions to other works via a forward, a chapter, an article, etc. Do you ever sleep?
Speaking of sleep, g’night for now,

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