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Thursday, June 13, 2013

4-12-13 RMB Kelly Clarkson Acceptable
Dear Rita Mae Brown,
I read some comments on Kelly Clarkson’s American Idol appearance where she showed her support of gay rights. One person was bothered by the fact that there were so many people supporting her support. At first I was discouraged by the hateful comments.
But I had a thought; our level of understanding has risen. What person is hateful enough to post a negative comment about a black person because the person is black, or a demeaning comment about a woman’s ability to hold any job? I am sure at one time those hateful, prejudiced comments ran rampant in the news, before the civil war, as women campaigned to be able to vote, during the civil rights movement, many times through history people have thought it acceptable to say hateful things that are not be deemed acceptable today.
Yes they are still said. There is still prejudice. But it is deemed acceptable less and less by fewer and fewer people. That is progress.
One day we will see such progress that the comments made this week will be equally deemed unacceptable thanks to people like you, thanks to Kelly Clarkson and all who speak up and speak out for the good of others.
All my best,

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