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Saturday, June 22, 2013

4-21-13 RMB Ghost, Spirits…Souls

4-21-13 RMB Ghost, Spirits…Souls
Dear Rita Mae Brown,
I was in the library yesterday and they had guest speakers discussing ghosts and haunted places in San Diego. I was amused. People were asking questions about where to go to see them. It is a place within ourselves that allows us to see them. I looked around the room of people seated and saw their loved ones from the other side right there with them.
It is not a clear image like ghosts you see in the movies, it’s more of a wavy energy. I have to work at it a bit to get a clearer image of the person, like when we were trying to figure out who Mabel is that watches after the boys. More often I work at blocking it because it is overwhelming and frustrating; like working on a puzzle with missing pieces that show up very slowly. Their time is not in sync with us, and doesn’t take well to being rushed.
The speakers mentioned that fear makes the vision and connection more tangible. I think that is true of any emotion, yet love and compassion have far more power then fear. Maybe I block it because it is an emotional place. It brings to mind the ache my heart associates with love.
Imagine being able to feel death, love, hope, pain, loss, joy…all at once. Every person, every life, every soul carries all emotions, numerous experiences, insights, struggles, potential…seeking to connect with others, makes a path for a battering ram of emotion that flood my senses. Maybe I am just a wuss.
Did I speak up? No. It was not my place. Those folks were there to hear the speakers, not my take on it all. These letters and in my stories, that is my place to speak up. What they said made sense to me in some ways. They spoke of energy, making a connection, that the ghosts are always there and it is us that needs to find a way to see them, etc. I prefer to speak of them as spirits or souls. We have taught each other to fear ghosts. They are as we are, some good, some not, some nice, some not.
Reverend Millie Landis taught us to be careful what you seek. I suppose if you seek scary ghosts, you will find them. Just as in life, if you seek scary people, you find them. I look for the greater good and a way to understand it, a way to utilize it in our world. I seek those that will help me in that endeavor, both living and passed away, human souls, the souls in nature, any that will help.
Many seek the greater good in various ways, some through charity, or education, politics, parenthood…I think your work has been motivated significantly by this, the seeking of the greater good, a better way to be.
Onward we go,

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