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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

4-24-13 RMB Tarot Cards

4-24-13 RMB Tarot Cards
Dear Rita Mae Brown,
I started reading Southern Discomfort, first published in 1982. I like that it is based in Alabama, home to half my family.  Only in your books have I found such interesting parts that take place before page 1. The Note between the Acknowledgments and Prologue is challenging, “If you don’t like my book, write your own. If you don’t think you can write a novel, that ought to tell you something. If you think you can, do. No excuses….” I do like your books and I am trying to write my own. It is not as easy as it sounds, to place word after word, resulting in a story of continuity, depth and insight. My hat goes off to you for having done it so many times with such humor and grace.
The way the young characters early on in the book match up people to cards is interesting. It reminded me of reading tarot cards. Often a force is introduced that could be a person or an element or en event. It is all in how the cards relate to each other, how you and the person you are reading for interprets them.
My first experience with tarot cards came in my mid twenties. After seeing my insights a friend, asked if I knew about tarot cards or ever had mine read. I said “No”. I never gave them, nor any type of fortune telling any thought. She put me in touch with someone that had done her cards several times. Another friend, more interested in all if it than I, called the woman first and made an appointment for herself.
Soon after, I went to see her. From the moment we started, she began telling me how I would read cards one day; that I would be doing what she did; that she would be happy to help me learn; to teach me. It was an interesting evening, but I had no desire to become a tarot card reader.
I asked both friends if she had told them the same thing. Being a natural skeptic of all things, I felt I was being recruited, despite the trust I felt for this woman. Yes, by the way, I AM a natural skeptic. Maybe that is what makes my beliefs so strong. I have sought proof and found enough of it to settle the skeptic in me. Both the friend that had referred her to me and the other one that went to see her before I had a chance said she didn’t mention anything about them reading cards, ever. Both of them were into all forms of mystic exploration more so than I. I thought she was barking up the wrong tree.
The reading sparked some interest. I studied books on tarot cards and their history; studied various tarot card decks and began to learn techniques. In the next few years, I visited the card reader several times. She allowed me into her circle of friends. They shared insights to their methods. She did end up teaching me. It was not a recruitment scam. It was a kind offer from a nice woman whose talents I came to respect. She never charged me for what she taught me, although I did have her read my cards a few more times.
The biggest lesson I learned was that the cards are simply tools, as is a crystal ball or runes and other methods. The insights come from within us, the reader, the one whose cards are being read for and the universe or God or whatever you want to call the assistance we get. I do find it interesting that the cards drawn are telling in many ways, not that they are possessed or anything, more like they are influenced by us or the universe or whatever.
Now I read for friends near their birthdays or when they are facing a challenge. It is still not a strong calling. I consider writing my calling. And have plenty of work to do in that arena. I am taking a break from one of my writings to write this letter. Oh, the other two friends never looked into reading cards or anything of the like.
Keep your stories flowing,

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