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Gulf Shores
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Thursday, June 6, 2013

4-4-13 RMB Mystical Sides
Dear Rita Mae Brown,
More and more I wonder about your mystical side, I am sure it is there, dynamic, vibrant even.  Today one of the moms asked me to help find car keys that the middle boy lost. I was at work; sat still; said the Our Father for good measure; then said the first places that came to mind, places that made sense; knowing that was probably the thinking mind more than the other stuff. I let it sit for a minute and kept getting what looked like a light to forest green shag rug surrounding the keys.
I know they don’t have such a rug, so then I thought of toys, like a stuffed Grinch, but that would be too light of a green, maybe a Grinch in a dark place…under a bed?  I once told my niece that the item she was looking for was by something purple. She went looking for purple in her room and found her item…near something purple.
So we sent the boys and mom at home looking for the Grinch, or something green. They called five minutes later. The Grinch idea was a bust, but they found the keys in the grass of the front yard.
Here’s what I don’t understand, why couldn’t I get grass? Why didn’t I see that they were in the front yard?
I have a good record for finding things, keys, paperwork, swim goggles, you name it. Then just when I think I have it down, I look for something I am sure I can find, like a gravestone in a cemetery and I come up empty. My brother-in-law asked why I didn’t use this more, become a crime solver or something. It is too erratic, too unclear. If I fail to find a missing ring that’s one thing; if I couldn’t find a missing child, I would be hindering, not helping, the case and that would be devastating to all concerned.
If I am where the object is missing, I can feel and see the energy. It could be the energy of the object or some guiding force, again unclear, grrr.  I wander around the place and ask the seeker “Have you looked here?” Inevitably they will say “Yes, that is where I saw it last” or “That is where it normally is.” Maybe that’s to show me I am on the right track, or maybe someone upstairs just likes messing with me.
Once I used my niece, the one that would rather such things not exist, yet she humors me. I was looking for a safety deposit box key in a big house full of people for a family gathering. I was having trouble isolating the energy. My niece acted as a sounding board for energy waves; she stood in doorways so I could see if it was in or out of the room; she stood at the top of the stairs so I could see if it was upstairs or downstairs. We sectioned off the house until I narrowed it down to one junk drawer and specified the corner it was in. It was there.
Some days I feel it is a connection to a higher source, a great gift. Other days I feel it is a weak parlor trick, amusing but of no real value. What purpose does it hold?  Great musicians share their gift through sound. What can I do with this?  It does supply insights. I teach the boys to look for and really see life being lived; the gifts unique to each life; feel the energy connecting us; to understand their own contribution to it.
I started to inquire what it is that you do with your gifts…then I realized I already know at least a part of the answer and it is why I write these letters.
Shine on,

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