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Gulf Shores
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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

4-3-13 RMB Adorable
Dear Rita Mae Brown,
Today I watched the biographical video of you by Yellow Cat and Joel Foreman from 1986, well the portion of it that is available online anyway I’ll resist the urge to tell you how adorable you looked and sounded. I am sure adorable was not what you were going for in shooting the video, but when you are thus blessed it shines through despite oneself.
I’d like to know how we can help make the full video available. Hmmm, thinking, thinking, thinking (picture Winnie the Pooh, arm bent at elbow, resting his chin on his hand, tapping a finger to his temple).
Two people have let me know what Rita Mae Brown books they are reading now, and which ones they plan to read next. I was thrilled. I haven’t even posted the letters yet, and they are already having one effect I hoped for, getting people to read your books. Not that you need my help in that department at all, it is quite the opposite. It is I that needed your influence in my personal corner of the world.
Of course the people reading your books now were easy marks, good friends. But there will be others that I may influence that have not or would not find you on their own. I certainly hope so anyway.
Sincerely, a slightly smitten,

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