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Saturday, June 1, 2013

3-29-13 RMB One Little White Girl
Dear Rita Mae Brown,
I watched the interview you did for Makers by AOL and PBS (  Thank you for doing that. I know you have answered those questions countless times, written books with that information and done tons of interviews.
It is a great gift that you continue to share this history in new, fresh ways. These facts are not gathering dust on a shelf. They are new; on the internet; on radio; where anyone looking-as did I, can find them easily; where others will stumble upon them; where we can all benefit from them.
“Honey, I know it’s wrong, but one little white girl isn’t going to change things.” ~Julia Ellen Brown, aka Juts
Your mom’s words were about the racial oppression you observed and questioned, but could have easily been about any other cause that you championed for: women’s rights; equality regardless of race, gender, class or lifestyle; freedom; justice, etc.
You said her words were true, but you knew a lot of people can create change. I’d like to add that a lot of people don’t gather and take initiative until one person puts their self on the line, risks something, takes action, speaks to another, draws in support, builds a community, a mission.
Yes, eventually there were others that joined with you and others whose organizations you joined. It was a group effort. But before there was a group, you were speaking up, even as a child to your mother, then as a student to the administration and as a woman to the world. So yes, “one little white girl” did bring about change. You did.
And I thank you for it,

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