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Gulf Shores
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Sunday, June 23, 2013

4-22-13 RMB Rizzy

4-22-13 RMB Rizzy
Dear Rita Mae Brown,
A friend called tonight. The female cat she called Rizzy, short for Risotto, passed away.  She had told me yesterday to keep the little one in my prayers. Something was ailing her that came on fast. She was fine not long ago, but had taken to hiding the last several days and by the time she made an appearance she was looking for her final resting place.
I reminded my friend of animals she and I have both cared for through the years, how they would be there to greet Rizzy.
One white boy cat named Rowdy was particularly fond of this friend. She had him when she smoked and he would go to her ashtray, take out an old cigarette butt and walk around with his head held high, appearing to imitate her. He also liked to get money, dollar bills, and toss them around the room. I think he could smell her scent on them.  He was a leader, kind and gentle, loud and funny.
When he passed away, he stuck around. His influence still lingers. I trust he is welcoming Rizzy.
Happy travels to Rizzy,

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