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Gulf Shores
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Friday, June 14, 2013

4-14-13 RMB Prolific…but so much more 
Dear Rita Mae Brown,
I read the article by Andrea Theisson from February 12, 2013 on Here is a link to it:

It begins with this line “Rita Mae Brown is a prolific and dedicated writer, but so much more as well.”  I immediately took a liking to this Andrea gal. The article is thorough, crediting you with some things that I didn’t know about. You continue to surprise me. That is likely part of how you have managed to keep fans captivated for decades.

Then again maybe I am easily amused. The other day I learned that you must be at least 50 feet from the sun or you will burn up because it is THAT hot. I overheard this vital bit of information, as I drove, from the trio of boys holding court in the backseat. The middle child, both in age and seating placement, brought up the sun and its relative proximity, lest one risk being burned up.  

Deadpan youngest, ever the one to question the facts and anyone else’s authority of them, sought clarification on the specific distance that said burning up would begin. “What if you are 40 feet away?” 

This gave the middle child cause to ponder and conclude, “Well you would still get burned 40 feet away. You have to be at least 50 feet away to be safe.”

The eldest, having observed the conversation, then entered with the notion of whether one was wearing a space suit or not and how much protection it would offer. And where would your space ship be? How close to the sun could the space ship get?

I treasure these boys and their musings. And I will steer my space ship well clear of the 50 feet marker, whether or not I have my space suit handy.

Good night and safe travels,

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