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Gulf Shores
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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

9-25-13 RMB Waves

9-25-13 RMB Waves

Dear Rita Mae Brown,

Do you ever notice how things travel in waves? We are attuned to the same elements that command the ocean and just as each wave pulls to the next, we pull one another. If one boy misbehaves, you can bet another will act up soon. And as a calm settles over one, the others follow suite.

It happens almost everywhere with all relationships, with the wind, with everything. The clouds drift together. You never see one storm off and separate from the others, ha, even during storms. Getting it? Storms, clouds? Sorry, I just found that amusingly. I guess if people can storm off, so can clouds, maybe that's where we learned that nifty trick from.

When the direction of the current causes harm, heartache and despair, what is it that turns the tide? What calms the pendulum? Time? The expenditure of energy? The greater good making an appearance? Or someone becoming aware of its constant presence?

And what of our direction, are we edging towards a better tomorrow, if not in straight line, then at least moving closer with every wave? What can be done to accelerate the process?

One more question, must we know pain to find joy, heartache to feel love, prejudice to be fair? Okay, maybe that was three questions in one. To quote an old song, “The answers, my friend, are blowing in the wind, the answers are blowing in the wind.”

The wind tells me to write these letters. Hmph, what does the wind know anyway? It is in all places and sees all things, but still. Writing letters to an icon, sharing them with strangers, asking numerous questions and offering minimal insight, to what end? To better me? To better the reader? To discover the best in all of us???

To find a better tomorrow. “As you seek, you shall find.” I am pretty sure someone important said that, and also “Ask and you shall receive.” Maybe we are all important and all our words matter and what turns the tide is the speaking of possibilities, the act of caring, the drawing of compassion, inspiring the many and enlightening a few.

Someone looked at me odd the other day when I recounted a conversation I had with the wind. I apologized, for not making a lot of sense, for being me. She said, “No, no, I’m glad I know you. You make me think of things differently than I ever thought of them before.”
I’m glad I know you RMB, you make me think of things differently than I ever thought of them before.


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