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Gulf Shores
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Saturday, February 1, 2014

9-22-13 RMB Blissful, Brief Conversations

9-22-13 RMB Blissful, Brief Conversations 

Dear Rita Mae Brown,

It’s Sunday morning. I woke early to take the sister to a 7:30 am meeting. While I waited for her meeting to end, I went for a walk at the Lake Murray Regional Park. This is where lizards, squirrels, rabbits and one snake have visited me, along with multiple birds and dogs alongside their owners.

Sometimes I say hi mentally to the passing dogs that send me a hello first. The owners will sometimes let their pet stop to visit, but more often they pull the tyke along. I find it interesting that if you have a conversation with an animal and watch for their reply, you can see it in their eyes or their motions.

Often I’ll say, mentally of course, “You’d better get going, your owner wants you to move along.” Inevitably the dog will turn to the owner and give a nod or poke in that direction even if I have made no movement at all with my words. These are blissful, brief conversations. I am sure you have had several of this nature with a variety of animal life. I encourage anyone to try it with any animal they get chance to spend a moment with.

As the morning breaks through the marine layer, the sun brings warmth and it is time to bid the park farewell for the day.

Loraine, in a Dr. Dolittle mood

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