Gulf Shores

Gulf Shores
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Sunday, February 23, 2014

10-7-13 RMB Acknowledging the Light

10-7-13 RMB Acknowledging the Light  

Dear Rita Mae Brown,

I must put a good word in for Gerri Hill’s books. Gulf Breeze is as fun as The Scorpion was exciting. Her characters are unique and likeable. Her writing is smooth, easy to fall into and let minutes and even hours slip away, sometimes taking on the form of a welcome retreat from one’s own universe.

What I am contemplating today is the concept of what ties one soul to another? What ties each individual to the tasks they take on? Why do some devote their life to saving a certain race, or bit of history, or work of art while others become completely consumed with only their own backyard, literally, the grass that grows there, the plants flowering and such.

What makes some promises lasting and others fade away?

In the multidimensional puzzle of life, there are a variety of answers to each question. Every individual has free will, hence their own values, goals, aspirations and sense of right and wrong. All we can hope for is that our answers dance in a friendly manor with one or two or more others’. We attempt not to step on too many toes, while still partaking in passion filled adventures, sometimes losing our heads, stepping on toes and paying the price.

There is a good place, where one can dance with abandon, where all outcomes can be weighed against the truth that we did our best. It is the finding of that place within ourselves and holding tight to it in times of strife that proves challenging, sometimes seemingly impossible.

It is the light that shines within that illuminates that good place. Yet, it appears to dim in life’s stresses. It is as bright as ever, it is that the direction we look has moved to darker places. A light, no matter how bright, will not bring us up, if we refuse to acknowledge it.

Here I sit, acknowledging it in anticipation of brighter days,

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