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Thursday, February 13, 2014

10-01-13 RMB Quest of the Meds

10-01-13 RMB Quest of the Meds

Dear Rita Mae Brown,

I am making my way through your books, currently in the midst of the Mrs. Murphy mysteries that accompany me in the nooks and crannies of my day, filling moments when I find I have time on my hands, like as I sit in the Urgent Care office waiting for the eldest to be seen on this Tuesday night.

The trio of nephews visit with me a few nights a week and tonight, one boy complained of an ache and another of a small wound and another of a scratch that’s red and hurts the front of his whole leg. What? I do a double take, “Show me where it’s red?”

From a small cat scratch on his foot, the eldest had a streak of red running up the front of his shin. This does not sit well. Doctor brother-in-law is soon on the other end of my cell advising that he go to Urgent Care. It is possibly a sign of infection entering the bloodstream, even though the wound itself has been cleaned and does not look infected.

I pick up one mom, with proper medical insurance cards and identification, and along with two younger brothers we all head to Urgent Care. The doctor concurs and prescribes antibiotics that should be started right away. Here is where our adventure begins. It is after 10 as we set off on our quest to find an open pharmacy.

I am glad we are together, all punch drunk tired, two adults equal one clear headed one. Three overtired boys seem more like five. With me driving she is free to investigate options and offer direction. The boys start out bouncing off one another, a human ping ball game in the backseat, which eventually settles as they become one another’s pillows.

A vague memory of a 24-hour pharmacy sign at someplace we were recently at sends me driving to recently visited stores as the eldest and the mom search the internet on their phones for a nearby location. Apparently there are several in New York, so their phones tell them, which is of little help to us in Southern California. At one store, the boys get treats, might as well have fun as we travel from store to store, some are open, some are not, none having an open pharmacy, but one does have a sign that directs us to another location.

Midnight finds me pulling into my driveway and this evening will be remembered as the night we went on the Quest of the Meds and concluded it victoriously.

Goodnight (yawn),

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