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Gulf Shores
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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

10-4-13 RMB All Good

10-4-13 RMB All Good 

Dear Rita Mae Brown,

Today is a Friday in sunny Southern California and I am working out and about with customers in a beautiful park setting, meeting a friend for lunch and finishing the day with finishing a good book by another fine author, Gerri Hill, titled The Scorpion. Life is good, right?

Yes, when we count our blessing and see the glass half full, it is good, beyond good. Yet, this day, the very same day, for someone else, it is not good. The same sun shines, the same wind blows, the same hours pass, yet my good day is mine and not theirs. A corner of my heart, that is more theirs than mine feels amiss. Tug. Ouch.

The boys, my trio of nephews, take turns behaving. I think they form a weekly pact, “Tuesday you get in trouble. I’ll be the one in trouble Wednesday. And that leaves Thursday for you. Ready, set, go.”

Ever heard the saying, “It can’t be all good all the time”? Why not? What would it take for “it” to be good all the time for everyone? I wonder.

Blessing to you,


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