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Gulf Shores
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Friday, February 14, 2014

2-14-14 Happy Valentine's Day

2-14-14 Happy Valentine's Day

To all whose eyes pass by these words today, or any day, Happy Valentine's to you.
Know that there is someone whose heart you have filled and another who will fill yours. Whether for a moment or a lifetime, everyone has someone to hold them dear and another who they will hold.

And just for fun, once in a while, allow the sun's warmth to hold you dear, allow the wind to surround you in its embrace, allow the earth to be strong and supportive under your feet. Give of yourself to these caretakers, give your attention, your hello. They ask for so little in return and appreciate it so much.

The stars will shine on unnoticed, but once noticed, might they shine brighter still? Who's to say? Who can measure what we let pass by compared to what we offer our attention to?

The point being, Valentine, that we have all there is within us and all around us. The one that holds us dear, may not have brown or green or blue eyes and two arms to hold on to. The one that holds us dear, may be as vast as the ocean, as strong as a fir tree, as present as time and as distant as the constellations.

In return, along with our loved ones, our memories and our hopes, let us hold a moment. Hold it dear. Live it. Share it. Celebrate it. Take stock of the elements within it and know those elements are there for you.

Happy Valentine's Day from this one to all, to ALL.

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