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Monday, February 17, 2014

10-2-13 RMB Giving Voice

10-2-13 RMB Giving Voice

Dear Rita Mae Brown,

I escaped into a corner booth with my copy of Rest in Pieces this afternoon for lunch, just Rita Mae Brown and me, nothing more, my only obligation being to join Harry’s mission as she unravels the mystery behind the crime. Thank you for the respite from my everyday life into Harry’s.

I must apologize. I am going on and on about this and that, rarely mentioning your writing, your impact on us as a people, our nation and our place in history. I’m sorry to have let my life run amuck in these letters.

And then again, this is your legacy. This is a person who lives free-er because of you. My world is a bit more accepting on several levels because of you and those that are the likes of you, as well as those that came before and offered their own contribution to the greater good. All of you empowered the voice of those to follow, those that see what is askew and are bold enough to speak out.

I’m not openly dating anyone, I guess I’m not a “good lesbian” either. First of all, I don’t date. I prefer solitude. Secondly, I don’t think anyone is actually a lesbian. I think we are people, with a fluidness in numerous ways, including sexuality, which we fail to recognize, let alone explore.

There is a fluidness of time, memory can take us back and aspiration can show us possible futures. Those who have crossed over, ending their life on earth can still visit. Those yet to come, make an early appearance in insightful readings. Space is a vast ocean of possibility, where we can visit one another in thought and carry each other in prayer. Who hasn’t thought of someone and heard them call on the phone simultaneously?

There is more to this, too much for a single letter. So there are several letters. Through these letters I have hoped to convey the concept that “We are all One” is more of a reality than an ideal. “We” stretches beyond, and includes, humans, animal life, mother earth and God, whatever version one subscribes to.

You have influenced more than one sect. You have said all that I am saying, with other words and in other ways. You gave much of yourself in giving voice to possibilities that others might grow to understand. I appreciate you, in case I have failed to mention that lately, there you have it here.

Yours truly,             

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