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Gulf Shores
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Sunday, February 2, 2014

9-23-13 RMB Vroom

9-23-13 RMB Vroom 

Dear Rita Mae Brown,

I just read a review of Litter of the Law online at: Oops, now I know Harry and Fair get back together. I am looking forward to reading about that. The mysteries in the books have been interesting, but it is the characters that I am enjoying getting to know the most.
Your books are a wonderful escape from day to day stresses. A good book, a long walk, an entertaining show, whatever size the screen or stage can do wonders to brighten the day and revive the spirit. 

I sit down to write and hope that one day, someone will pick up one of my books and find restoration for their soul. Indeed, if only I could relay how near peace lay, if only I could remember how easy it can be to find it for myself and stop working so hard at making the square pegs fit in triangular troughs. 

Moments or even fractions of seconds away are contentment, joy and tranquility or excitement, depending on one’s preference. Look for it. Play with the dog. Romp with a child. Walk right up and ask him or her out. Life is a playground, complete with the bumps and bruises, laughter and delight.

Let’s brush off our skinned knees and run swiftly.



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