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Gulf Shores
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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

12/15/13 RMB Good Company

12/15/13 RMB Good Company 

Dear Rita Mae Brown,

Do you know what the best part of Sunday laundry day is? Reading Rita Mae Brown books while I wait for the wash and dry cycles to do their thing. Today, Murder in Monticello kept me company. I took particular interest in your reference to the way history touches today, the threads and their effect on us.

The grass we walk on planted by a gardener seasons past, the roads we travel paved by men of another generation and the country we live in shaped by every living force that came before us all come to mind. A lot of credit is given to singular individuals, our founding fathers, inventors, and such. Yet, who or what encouraged them or forged their strength by testing them with opposition? And who carries on their dream?

We are a community of life, human, animal, earth and sky. The threads are more than linear. A net supports us in every endeavor. Perhaps if we were aware of the connections that you so clearly pointed out in this book, every action would be taken with more care. Perhaps.

The reading bug weaseled its way permanently into my heart and so this evening I also began reading Gerri Hill’s One Summer Night. Once again her characters are easy to befriend, adding to the company I keep on this day, offering peace of mind, reminding me our history and future, that supporting net, is also influenced by the imagination. 

Thank you for sharing yours,


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