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Gulf Shores
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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

12-20-13 RMB Hello

12-20-13 RMB Hello

Dear Rita Mae Brown,

My stepmother is home and beginning her recovery from the stroke. The body is an amazing work of art. What other thing, living or not, can sustain injury and sometimes recover completely with fresh skin and new cells?

I envision all things living, yet some life is more regenerative than others. It has been explained to me that with her recovery, the brain will compensate by actually building new avenues to accomplish what the damaged sections used to do, finding memories, continue directing functions and such.

We are so spoiled, that we complain about what doesn’t heal or begins to ache, when in every moment there is a fascinating process taking place inside our body and in the energy field we claim as our own. As with all things, I find it reacts more kindly to appreciation than grumbling. I’ll try to remember that myself.

The professional associate that I connected with on a kindred spirit level has exchanged phone numbers with me. I am looking forward to chatting with her. In a way, as Christmas approaches, this new friendship feels like a gift. I don’t make new friends often as people are too busy being people, myself included, to stop and say “hello”.

So, hello Rita Mae Brown, here’s hoping you have a splendid day,

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