Gulf Shores

Gulf Shores
Photographer Patricia Gulick

Saturday, July 19, 2014

12-23-13 RMB Desert Sunset

12-23-13 RMB Desert Sunset

Dear Rita Mae Brown,
It has been a marvelous Monday. My new friend Teddy wished that kind of day for me today, and it fits. Last night this new friend read the early beginnings of the blog and plans to read more. Nice.

Here is part of what made it a good day. This new friend lives in the desert, near where I was born. To help her through a trying time, I have been doing my best to be with her, in my mystical kind of way. On my walk, I watched the sunset tonight and thought of her in the desert. Then the sunset of my city transformed to one of those from my childhood. The colors became more brilliant, the landscape more vast, and a warmth filled me that embodied the calm, quiet atmosphere of a warm desert night.

My intention was to be with her, yet her desert came to me. I started to write “she came to me and brought the desert with her.” She has a powerful spirit, but, to be honest, I don’t know how it all works. Because we haven’t the knowing of it yet, it’s magical. We haven’t analyzed it and dissected it until we can apply mathematical laws and formulas, nor reason and conjecture upon the forces behind it.

For some to believe, we will first have to label its parts and aspects. I believe now. And it fits with what someone wrote thousands of years ago…As we give we receive. I will forever hold dear the gifts of that sunset, the beauty, the warmth, and the calm.

At the other end of the spectrum, opposite the marvelous, change is afoot again. Arrgh. I have a positive feeling about it though. Three close friends struggle with work issues and I feel each of them will come out in a better place in 2014. I encourage them to reach for the more I know they can be. That sounds like a commercial to join the military.

In reality, all three are talented people who have yet to find purposeful joy in their work. Oh, each one enjoyed their jobs, true. Each has made important contributions in their past employment. But it is as though their hands are all meant for something greater now and that is why they’re currently being rousted from their positions.

Sometimes fate forces our hand, bringing about the change we resist, encouraging the steps we’ve avoided, and ultimately setting us free.

Many glorious sunsets to you,


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