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Gulf Shores
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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

12-27-13 RMB Whisper

12-27-13 RMB Whisper 

Dear Rita Mae Brown,

Sometimes words gather in me and when I work out their arrangement, friends call them poems. Over the last few weeks, these words have come together. There is influence from you and my new desert friend in this, as well as generations past and those to come.

Sharing words, sharing worlds,


Whisper My Name

Whisper my name                                                       
Speak peace into me
Laugh joy upon me
Echo our past
Tell our future
Voice justice for all
Cry freedom
Rant and Rave until heard
Share truth
Sing praise
Cheer for one and all           
Say we can, before we fall

Whisper the possibility
Speak that we might listen
Laugh that we might join
Echo what was
Tell what could be
Voice our potential
Cry glad tears
Rant and Rave of our progress
Share all that we are
Sing our harmony
Cheer on inspiration
Say we are one, our final destination. 

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