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Gulf Shores
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Sunday, July 13, 2014

12-18-13 RMB More the Merrier

12-18-13 RMB More the Merrier
Dear Rita Mae Brown,

Friends make the world go ‘round, perhaps a slight overstatement, but not by far. On this day, one friend who is now a part time employee, worked in the morning, like she used to do every morning. Man, I’ve missed her there to greet me as I pour my first cup of coffee. Together we work to make the small business profitable. 

Another friend spends evening hours going over her most recent ventures. She tells me of her plans to paint furniture and I share my latest RMB letters and America book 2 plot.

Somewhere in there I mention a conversation with a buyer, a professional associate for several years. Today we connected over tarot cards and job shifts, things not normally discussed in the regular course of business. She’s a kindred spirit.

And there you have it, highlights of a day filled with friendship. In all our days, there are moments when a friend’s presence effects an outcome, be it small or large, either through a memory or past experience and encouragement, or by their participation in our current dialogue with life.

I think of the conglomeration that is the Oak Ridge Fox Hunt Club, including, yet not limited to generations of friends: human, canine and equine. Birds gather to say, “They are at it again” and take flight to join, or avoid, the event.

Friends, it takes all kinds and the more the merrier.

Yours truly,


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