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Gulf Shores
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Thursday, July 17, 2014

12/21/13 RMB No Judgment Here

12/21/13 RMB No Judgment Here

Dear Rita Mae Brown,

I chatted with my new friend, Teddy Norene Tapscott, for over an hour this morning. The initials TNT are by the intention of her grandfather. We have worked together for five years as buyer (her) and seller (me) of books for a National Park Visitor’s Center store, but this was our first conversation outside of that mission.

She shared a poem and chatted about her writing. I hesitantly told her about my own writing and this blog of RMB letters. She looked you up on the internet as we chatted and was impressed. You are an impressive person.

Later I went Christmas Shopping with family. This was a Saturday filled with all kinds of gifts.

In that conversation earlier today, Teddy made a comment, “There is no judgment here.” Four words that opened up my world to her. Imagine if all people were so kind, what worlds would we discover in each other?

Just wondering,


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