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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

12/19/13 RMB Critical Remarks

12/19/13 RMB Critical Remarks

Dear Rita Mae Brown,

The world was a little upside down today and I like it. One of our trade newsletters reports the publishing industry is up in arms about critical remarks of homosexual behavior by an author and the fate of the author’s book. Should the publisher “pull” the book and take it off the market? Should bookstores pull it off of their shelves? Surveys are being taken, articles are being written and, of course, it all feeds the publicity pipeline for the author and the book.

In the end, the dollar wins. The book has sold nearly 600,000 copies. Of course I won’t encourage more by mentioning the title or the author.

Shall we (we - as in the community in support of equality and kindness) protest, hold rallies, send death threats and start lawsuits to ban the book? Oh no, that is what the other guys did, and still do where they can get away with it.

We, or perhaps I should only speak for myself here, I will read with delight that some are appalled by the comments made, enjoy this day, hoping for even better days to come, and write a RMB letter.

Some days are neat,


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