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Friday, July 25, 2014

12-24-13 RMB Merry Christmas Eve

12-24-13 RMB Merry Christmas Eve

Merry Christmas Eve Rita Mae Brown,

On the way home from work, I pulled the car over to call my new desert friend, before getting home and jumping into Christmas Eve mode with the family. I like how our found family grows as we go through life. New friendships become unexpected treasures. Hearts and lives expand to welcome another within our circles.

It is a bit eerie when you get to know someone and there is the feeling of them returning to the fold, returning to fill a cosmic place holder kept open, awaiting their particular signature on your life.  

Once home, my sister and I are off to pick up my nephew trio. They cheerily deliver gifts to Carol, our friend and their sitter with a pool, although she is a favorite for more reasons than that. She is family, found family.

After a good meal sprinkled with talk of the season, elaborating on this special day with three young souls who are building their life’s holiday memories in these moments, we take leave into a cool California night. On the way home we stall, giving the mom’s more Christmas Eve prep time. With Christmas songs playing on the CD, we count houses with Christmas lights displaying cheer in our neighborhood. We stopped counting at 300, but got to 311 as we neared the boys’ home.

One of our favorite CD’s is Helen Reddy singing holiday standards. It takes me back to where she was at the point in time when she sang those songs, making that CD. Thinking of your notes in the Monticello book about the past effecting the future, I marvel at the web of our lives and the distance our actions travel.

As I settle in at home, emailing my new friend and writing RMB letters, I am thankful for my blessings.

May your days fill with blessings too,


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