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Gulf Shores
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Saturday, August 2, 2014

12-28-13 RMB There You Reside

12-28-13 RMB There You Reside

Dear Rita Mae Brown,

Here is another bundle of words that came together on the same night as those in the previous letter. I promise not to inundate you with these. I’ve only written one every few years. I believe these two letters comprise my only poetic contributions to 2013.

Again, both you and my new desert friend Teddy, along with all my friends, family and society, hold court here. There is an element of life that is pure energy, it is where we merge and I am as much you as you are me. Oh dear, I am talking in circles again. In some ways, the “you” I am referring to in “I see you in the night mist”, is the reader, the writer of the poem, the self, seen through the eyes of another, in combination with the other.

And by the end, “It is what makes me whole”, emphasizes that we are all one. Together, we are whole. This can be read and interpreted as a single relationship between two people and that is how I see society tries to reconcile this drive we all have. By narrowing it down to one relationship, it is manageable. “You take out the trash. I’ll do the dishes.”

Children are raised in households with established responsibilities. “You take the kids to soccer. I’ll take them to the dentist.”

Yet, in accepting that this is all there is, in being content for two to cooperate, or attempt to anyway, we are missing a bigger picture. It becomes okay to be at war, to be prejudice and to hate, as long as we are taking care of our own tiny piece of the universe and the one that we cannot live without.

We become blind to the reality that we are all one and that we all play a role in completing each other. We lose sight of that which makes us whole.

Thank you for listening,


There You Reside
I see you in the night mist
Every drop reflecting your image
Marking my soul with your essence
Branding my body with your truth
I would escape you, if I could
I breathed you in
And there you reside
Your heart beating life into mine
Without it, I perish
Had we not met
Forever, your face undefined,
Your voice unheard,
You would still rule my world
An unknown force, held tight to my soul
Your presence gives voice to the best of me,
The rest of me…It is what makes me whole.

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