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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

12-3-13 RMB Batwoman and Catwoman updated

12-3-13 RMB Batwoman and Catwoman
Updated slightly after my numero uno critique said “What???”

Dear Rita Mae Brown,

Two letters in one day, you poor thing, um, I mean aren’t you the lucky one.

On another literary front, I discovered “family” ties to Catwoman and Batwoman when a trade magazine revealed writers are in dispute over story lines. The potential marriage of two female leads has caused a rift. Having been around comic aficionados, I’ll be the first to admit how little I know about any comic story line.

For clarification, in some storylines the characters Batwoman and Catwoman are lesbians. No, not together, at least I don’t think so. Hmm, there’s a thought, but I digress. It is nice to see fictional characters resembling all walks of life.

I attempted a minimum amount of research and I dare not elaborate further. With epic tales that reach back decades and characters that change character along with persona and inclinations through the years, I am not up to paraphrasing who is who or what their fictional interests might be.

What caught my attention more was the online chatter about it. There was little reference to violence and criminal activity in the comics. Participants were more concerned about the effects on our youth of including diversity of human nature. We dare to add dimensions to the proverbial “box” we are all supposed to fit in.

In reality, if I had a friend that dressed up as a cat, or bat, and went out fighting crime, or doing anything in that costume, I’d have other concerns. Then again, we all use our imagination to put the best of ourselves out there. If a costume, or letter writing, works for you, go for it.

Live long and prosper,


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