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Sunday, May 11, 2014

11-28-13 RMB Happy Birthday

11-28-13 RMB Happy Birthday

Dear Rita Mae Brown,

Happy Birthday and Happy Thanksgiving to you RMB! I enjoyed the day despite it being a holiday. It was treated like a day off, a real day off, free and clear of any chores. Unlike previous Thanksgivings in which I enjoyed the company of family and friends at the dinner table, today I am relaxing at home. There was no long drive and no dressing up, not that I dress up much anyway.

I spent my day walking, writing and then did more walking. It was perfect. My sister-roommate and I purchased fixings for a Thanksgiving dinner that will be held with a friend tomorrow. I like the way people closest to me are more concerned about celebrating our time together, than the date or the title given to a day on the calendar.

Perhaps my aversion to holidays is seated in an issue with authority or societal directives. I decide when and how I will celebrate. I decide a lot of things for myself that aren’t necessarily condoned by society. That statement alone, made by another person, would be enough to make me wary. I almost deleted it, but I realized that every individual I know is the same way. We all decide which leg goes in our pants first at the start of each day, if in fact one actually wears pants.

So I will leave it in and offer an example, I prefer loads of sweetener and crème in my coffee. Most I know don’t. The decisions I make regarding my life are not terribly drastic, at least they don’t seem like it to me. The intent of this blog is to illustrate our differences and build bridges of understanding. I’d better stop, as I am on the verge of rambling about the many sides of understanding and if that is condoning or supporting and wondering what if another person lived in a place that flew in the face of all I consider to be good, as I probably do in relation to some. Would I be understanding?

Near the end of the day, I received a text. After being stuck on the freeway for two and half hours, my trio of nephews and their moms have aborted their mission to travel one hour north to spend the holiday with family in Oceanside. They are headed home, without having had dinner. Although, several families conversed through open windows of parked cars in freeway lanes about having enough food among them to make a Thanksgiving meal right there. “What did you bring for dinner?” they asked each other.  

The boys planned to spend the night anyway, so I invited them all in and the dinner we had purchased for tomorrow, along with their contribution to the aborted meal, becomes a Thanksgiving dinner for three nephews, two moms, one sister and myself. Cheers for having a sister able to throw together a meal in twenty minutes!

It was an impromptu dinner, eaten in the living room as we gathered around the TV and watched a show we all liked. Not traditional. Well maybe a little bit, in that we were with “family” and we gave thanks for one another and to the powers that be for bringing us together.

And the reason for the traffic delay, in addition to the holiday rush, there was a bomb scare. Fortunately, it turned out to be a hoax, or rather a giant misunderstanding as someone learned a lesson about crossing certain lines in practical jokes.

For a more personal account of the freeway experience, complete with photos, you can read Maria’s post on her blog at

Happy Thanksgiving one and all,


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