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Gulf Shores
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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

12-1-13 RMB Perfect Day

12-1-13 RMB Perfect Day

Dear Rita May Brown,

Today was a Sunday and the day we designated as “our” Thanksgiving, we being the California contingent of siblings, three sisters who gather in Orange County with one niece and a brother-in-law to celebrate and be thankful.

I greeted the day with a neighborhood walk, visiting with my sister’s hometown. Between washing and folding laundry, we chatted over breakfast and snacks as we prepared our Thanksgiving meal. We dodged out for a quick trip to the local thrift stores to find treasures and donate some for others to discover. It was a perfect day.

The formula for a perfect day is to fill it with what brings you smiles, whether that be family, a walk, celebrating, or even laundry. Good company is key, whether you are with others or are alone, be in good company. Thankfulness is always a plus for gratitude breeds the ingredients of smiles.

There you have it, one mystery of life solved, a method for perfecting the day.

Now onward we go to tackle all the rest,

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  1. "gratitude breeds the ingredients of smiles" you are a poet. I love your writing.