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Gulf Shores
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Sunday, May 25, 2014

12-3-13 RMB Gregor the Overlander

12-3-13 RMB Gregor the Overlander

Dear Rita Mae Brown,

As work schedules shift, it is my honor to drive the nephew trio to school for a few weeks. They arrive at 6am, still groggy. Two hours later they pile into my car, ready to roar.

To restore calm, I press play on the CD player. The narrator reads Gregor the Overlander by Suzanne Collins to a quieting audience as voices fall silent and three bodies are stilled.

I had the bright idea to play audio books on the way to school when I found out I’d become their driver. I feared it would be boring for the rambunctious brothers. To my pleasant surprise, the story captivated them. Reluctantly, they got out of the car as we arrived at their destination. “Can we hear more tomorrow?”

“Yes you can.”

Books are magical treasures. The young protagonist Gregor is a reluctant hero, gently bold and quietly brave. I hope his influence lingers on in the three brotherly protagonists of my life story.

Word by word, letting Gregor do the talking,


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