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Gulf Shores
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Friday, May 2, 2014

11-25-13 RMB Purpose

11-25-13 RMB Purpose

Dear Rita Mae Brown,

It is Monday and today I read the romantic interlude between Frasier and Venus in Venus Envy. Your imagination amuses and impresses me. That was a highlight in a day that ended with my ex pushing my buttons. My temper flared. What is this thing we do, coming together, only to fall prey to each other’s will, tangling our bodies and then our lives?

What is it we seek when we draw near and what is it that repels us after we collide? And above all else, why go through the dance and the struggle?

I suspect that there is a certain place and time where elements compliment and souls unite. We ebb and flow, testing, stretching, growing, refining ourselves and finding each other, until in the darkness, when all is finally still, we see the Light.

There is a purpose, more felt than seen, that guides us. We are more of everything together than we can ever be in solitude. It is in our spirit to press on towards that Light and something tells me it can only be found when we reach that unseen place where we are one.

I must be tired, because that actually seems to make some sense to me right now.

Sweet dreams,


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