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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

11-26-13 RMB Coming Home

11-26-13 RMB Coming Home

Dear Rita Mae Brown,

Tonight five of us gather for our monthly Writer’s Circle meeting. We have settled into meeting at one member’s house that is spacious enough for the group, homey enough to be comfortable and when my trio of nephews must accompany us, they are welcome to amuse themselves in the room known to them simply as “Headquarters”.  

The house, dubbed “Casa Burt”, carries the surname of her husband, Mr. Burt. Although he left the here and now long ago, his presence is felt strongly at Casa Burt and wherever his loved ones are. He is a protector and provider, even from the other side. The stories, too numerous to go into here, are being written for posterity, for his grandchildren and for those that didn’t get a chance to know him, for he was worthy of knowing.

Tonight, our youngest member, talented beyond her years, is visiting for the holidays from her new home in Texas. Maybe it is the holiday spirit that makes me sentimental, but today holds the feeling of coming home. Starting earlier with an ex work mate’s visit and ending tonight with our Texan’s return visit.     

The work mate has gone on to raise two sons and write three books. Her website is Actually Heather was more than a work mate. She was our Vice President and in years past she’d come to my rescue when I’d least expect it with innovative and inspiring ways to overcome any challenge. We expect the person in charge to step up when a need arises, but what was unexpected and appreciated to this day, is that every solution she brought to the table was accompanied by a cheery smile.

One more bit of news, Google tells me that David McClendon, the film director for El Camino, has added our blog of RMB letters to his “circle”. Although not quite 100% sure of what a “circle” entails, I believe this to be a good thing!  

Meanwhile, the owner of Casa Burt has borrowed chairs and tables from my workplace to cater another film set, a referral from her association with the El Camino production. There is a circle of another sort in there.

I am awed when I see the circles that entwine friends, family and coworkers, extending out to a film director I’ve never met and authors who I venture to call friends, yourself included. It makes me wonder of the ways my circles connect to others’, more distant from me, in ways less visible to me. It inspires hope that somewhere down the road the connections between individuals and nations will all be visible, or tangible in some way, such that we will gather together to meet challenges with cheerful attitudes. And in our evolution, we will all experience a universal coming home.

Yeah, sentimental me,


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