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Monday, May 12, 2014

11-29-13 RMB Annie On My Mind

11-29-13 RMB Annie On My Mind

Dear Rita Mae Brown,

Today was Friday, the day after Thanksgiving. I planned to have a Thanksgiving dinner with a friend and my sister, however they both worked too late and have come home too bushed to “celebrate”. No worries, we will have our special meal another day. We are flexible that way.

My office was closed for the day, so I spent it not working, unless you count writing as work. I am starting to, not because if feels like work, but because it is the profession I chose for my future.

I am listening to a book on CD in my car by Nancy Garden, Annie on My Mind. The book is engaging, even enchanting. It is well read by the narrator and well written by the author. The life of the book itself touched me. It was considered a breakthrough when first published in 1982. But by 1993 it was being burned in some states and banned in school libraries. It became the subject of a First Amendment lawsuit when a group of courageous teens sued to have it returned to library shelves. A federal district judge ruled in the book’s favor.

The book is all the more impactful and stronger for the trials it faced, both literal and philosophically. What caused the ruckus? It is a young adult novel about two teenage girls falling in love.

Nancy met challenges in her own life when she wrote the book and the book itself was challenged many times over. Ultimately, love prevailed for both Nancy and her book. There is hope for us yet.

I would like to think that my writing promotes peace on earth and justice for all. I don’t know that I am as brave or strong as you and Nancy have been. No battles have been waged over my words. These words flow more freely, thanks to the likes of you two. By speaking out, you have created a dialogue. This is my contribution to the conversation.

Sharing words and wishes for better days ahead,

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