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Saturday, May 24, 2014

12-2-13 RMB Better Together

12-2-13 RMB Better Together

Dear Rita Mae Brown,

Annie On My Mind is still on my mind. It is Nancy Garden’s Juliet and Juliet version of Romeo and Juliet, only with a happy ending. Some “forbidden love” is more forbidden than others.

Is any union really acceptable? Often we hear “he’s too tall (or too short) for you” or “she’s too old (or too young) for you”… someone is too fat or too thin, or parties too much or is too boring. But in the end, the heart knows what it wants.

We attempt to protect one another by warning and outright interfering with the development of relationships that are sure to face challenges.

What if we were permitted to care for another, regardless of who that might be, at whatever level is comfortable and beneficial? From one-on-one relationships to cooperation among nations, we are better together.

It will take breaking social scripture for us to cross boundaries. Some broke through, simply by being black and inviting whites, gasp, to a BBQ. Some show us a new reality by walking down the street hand in hand with someone of the same gender. Religions build bridges to other faiths, by accepting their existence and allowing that others may worship differently, that every person’s religion is one’s own truth, not everyone’s truth.

We struggle to teach our children and each other the “right” choices for the best tomorrows. If we taught our youth, and one another, the way of kindness, the most helpful paths to take, it would result in the best future of all. I bet it would.

Where is that evolutionary widget or dawning of recognition that alters our stance?

How many more must die, persecute or kill, for love, or for what is determined to be “right”?

When we are kind, kindness is returned. When we help another, we help ourselves in ways beyond measure.

With gratitude to you for lending me your ear,

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  1. I love this letter. You capture the goal completely.