Gulf Shores

Gulf Shores
Photographer Patricia Gulick

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

11-24-13 RMB Tug-of War

11-24-13 RMB Tug-of War

On this beautiful Sunday morning, I drove the sister to an early morning meeting and proceeded to Lake Murray where I walked with the dog. Perhaps she thinks it is she who walks me. I remind her constantly that the intention of the leash is not to facilitate tug-of-war.

A thrift store visit gave me a dose of comfort. I like all of the colors sizes and shapes of everything there. They reflect society. I prefer that over the new stores that work to shape society, telling us what will be cool this season, what colors to wear, with a mannequin that displays how it all should fit.

The boys like the thrift stores too. They sift through toys, finding treasures. It isn’t about what is cool, it is about discovery and finding something different at every turn.

Today my novel America was sent to the editor…again. My writing has ebbed. We are becoming more comfortable with each other, almost too comfortable. I know the words will be there when I sit to write. They wait patiently to form. I make them wait too long sometimes. I seek the discipline you have displayed in your career, producing numerous novels.

If we are to accomplish anything, we must do something. With my destination in mind, I sit to write.

You inspire me,


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