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Gulf Shores
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Monday, January 27, 2014

9-20-13 RMB Sit A Spell

9-20-13 RMB Sit A Spell 

Dear Rita Mae Brown,

On this Friday, as changes swirl about, I am escaping into Rest in Pieces, the second Mrs. Murphy mystery. Your writing is engaging. It reminds me of entering a friend’s home via the back or kitchen door, no need to knock, knowing you are welcome, pulling up a chair and being served a fresh cup of hot coffee, or if the day is a hot one, sweet tea.

“Sit a spell.”

We chat about friends and family, who is in what grade in school, who is having a baby, who is in the dog house with their spouse, how the garden is doing, important matters. Some coffee cake or elderberry cobbler might make an appearance.

The essence of such moments are what you and Sneaky Pie have brought to me as I read Rest in Pieces. In the chaos of my life, these moments are rejuvenating.

The next cup is on me,


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