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Sunday, January 5, 2014

9-10-13 RMB Powerful Thoughts

9-10-13 RMB Powerful Thoughts

Dear Rita Mae Brown,

“If you realized how powerful your thoughts were, you would never think a negative thought”

~Peace Pilgrim


Today life tested my patience. Was I exhausted and angry…stressed? Just a little. The changes afoot have placed me beside myself. Minor frustrations, like the kids not being unable to locate a DVD case, put me over the edge.

We found the DVD, but not the case. I pack up the all boy crew of three and we headed to the library, DVD in hand. I explained to the nice lady, that the case could not have disappeared, it must be someplace in their home and requested a few more days to track it down.

She took the DVD from me and informed me that she can work magic. “Don’t tell anyone I did this.” She smiled conspiratorially and checked it in and back out to me, giving me another week to locate the wayward case.

She was exceptionally kind to me, seeing that I was obviously upset about the lost item, although I was more upset about needing to ask for help with the situation, old issues rear up now and again. Her kindness dispelled my frustrations.

I returned to the car a different person than I had been an hour before when we searched for the case. Her goodwill was contagious. I believe in Peace Pilgrim’s words about the power of our thoughts. Yet, sometimes it takes another person or some other element to turn our thoughts from negative to positive. Sometimes it takes something more than that which we have within us.

Fortunately for us, today, there was a kind librarian willing to fill that bill. The source of my discontent had nothing to do with a DVD case, but that’s what I focused on. The tonic for my discontent had everything to do with one person assuring me that all would be fine, that every challenge has a solution.

The saying “Be patient, God isn’t finished with me yet” comes to mind.

We are all works in progress,

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