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Gulf Shores
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Sunday, January 12, 2014

9-13-13 RMB FOUR Steps Forward

9-13-13 RMB FOUR Steps Forward 

Dear Rita Mae Brown,

Sometimes, with the three boys, as with society, it feels like we take two steps forward only to take three steps back. Each must try to get away with something, to take from another, to stretch the truth, to paint a picture of themselves, so different from the reality of their actions.

I try to instill in them that I believe in them; that there is goodness in them. They don’t have to invent a reality, they just need to live from their heart and the reality created will be that of the highest honor on its own volition.

As nations, in business and in families, we test the same boundaries, rather than living from a place of caring, we demand and take. “You can’t have marriage, it’s mine and if you have it, it will lessen mine.” What???

“You can’t believe in that god, because MY God is the only true god. You must change your belief or you are less of a person, less of a nation, less of a people, than those that worship MY God.” What???

As you give, you receive. Give judgment and be judged. Offer prejudice and receive prejudice. 

I tell the boys we can’t make you behave, we can’t make you be kind. Yet, there are consequences to your actions. You don’t really need that game or that bike or that phone. Look at what you have to lose and look at what you have to gain, then decide on your actions accordingly. 

I challenge them further to look at how they feel when their actions are kind and compare that to when they hurt or take from another person in any way. Which feeling to you prefer?

No one can make us be kind, yet there are consequences to our actions. Do we want peace, cooperation and those good feelings that come with being kind?

I do,


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