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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

9-11-13 RMB Childish Enthusiasm

9-11-13 RMB Childish Enthusiasm

Dear Rita Mae Brown,

A foolishness is overtaking me. Perhaps I should have read all of your books before embarking on this blog. I was nervous about sharing my mystical side with you and the internet, as well as the other sides of me. I don’t know why, personal issues, society’s stern brow? 

Many have walked before me, sharing far more, having explored far more and being vocal about every aspect. I doubt that I would have been that brave, to share so much, to be first. I think of history, how the firsts are so often persecuted, sometimes executed…remember the witch hunts. They still go on today, by and large not to the extent that they once did, but still, it continues. 

In my small circle, I am encouraged. Yet the bigger picture, the world at large, still seeks to package us into a well defined box, no drawing outside the lines, no expanding beyond our limits, limits the masses have set, merging individuals, annihilating individuality.

As I write these letters, I am reading your books chronologically. I am currently into the ones written in the nineties. It amuses me to find so much of what I have shared, already written in your words. Elements of past lives, spirits traveling through time, spiritual connections, communication with nature, love on numerous levels, above and beyond anything I have contemplated, and there is more, all speculated upon by your characters, verbalized by RMB. 

Every once in a while, a child will discover something interesting and proceed to elaborate exhaustively on such findings with any adult who will patiently listen, nodding appreciation for the child’s interpretation of something elementary. I can see you nodding, as you read these letters. 

I gave an employee her review today. She is also a friend. She is a lone wolf who would prefer to do her work in solitude. I noted in the review “None of us, individually, can do what all of us, collectively, can accomplish.” I believe that. 

I thank you for being one of the firsts, for voicing truths and possibilities, opening minds and starting conversations…and for allowing me and untold numbers to join in with you, to follow along a path already tread. Together we can accomplish great things. We will find that better tomorrow.

With childish enthusiasm,


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