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Gulf Shores
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Saturday, January 11, 2014

9-12-13 RMB Most Precious

9-12-13 RMB Most Precious

Dear Rita Mae Brown,

Tonight I took “my” three boys to their favorite burger joint. Before unleashing them to play, we read a few pages from The Diary of Anne Frank. We read about her family gathering their things and leaving home for the last time. They took what they thought most precious.

I ask the boys “What would you take?” After running through their games, they discuss what needs batteries and what doesn’t. They are practical. No sense taking something that needs batteries or electricity if you might not have either where you are going. 

Then they get more practical, flashlights and blankets are mentioned. Ultimately, they land on the most critical, family, the dog, the cat. Suddenly, I see a seriousness blanket them as they realize they might not be able to take the animals…and if you can’t take the animals, members of the family, what about other members of the family, both moms, me-the aunt?

Suddenly, what is most important, most precious, becomes apparent. I remind them that they will always have us in their hearts. That this is why we treasure one another while we are still present in each other’s lives, because this time together will pass. For a variety of reason, ultimately we will not always be as close as we are now. And then we will be left with the memories, the loved ones will live on in our hearts. Hold on dearly to your loved ones, while we still hold them near to us. 

They went off to play with a pause in their steps, more thoughtful than before and a bit more solemn… wiser.

Holding you dearly,


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