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Gulf Shores
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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

9-18-13 RMB His Truck

9-18-13 RMB His Truck

Dear Rita Mae Brown,

On this Wednesday morning, I took a friend to the lot where her truck had been towed. We left it in a parking lot last night while a bunch of us carpooled over to the theater, not realizing there was a two hour time limit on the parking lot. We were gone just a bit over two and a half hours.

This is no ordinary truck, it was the truck her husband left for her when he crossed to the other side. This is a special truck, as he was a special man. The thought of losing the truck, the worry at first that it had been stolen, was a distressing. I stayed with her as we coasted around the area, not really sure what we were looking for, keeping an eye out for the truck in case kids had just taken it for a joy ride.

We spotted a tow truck, which led us to the answers that we sought. The truck was safe and with payment of the proper fees, it would be home in her care once again, whew.

So this morning we made the trip together to pick it up. She is an independent woman. She didn’t need me to hold her hand through this. I know that, yet there are times in life when it is important to be there for one another. I think her husband had a hand in making sure she would not be alone in this, the finding of his truck. So why did it happen at all? I think he was telling her, she will have to prepare herself to let go of it, someday…but not today.

After we had looked for the truck and she reported it missing to the police, there was nothing else for us to do. We could have and should have gone home at that point. But instead we drove around, up and down streets and ultimately back to the parking lot, which is where we saw the tow truck and thought to ask if the driver knew anything, even though we had already called the number on the small sign posted about the time limit and they said they had no record of the truck.

“Yes, I’m sorry, I towed it. I had to. They’re really strict here.” He seemed so apologetic and we were just happy to find it had not been stolen. “The paperwork hasn’t been processed yet, that’s why they don’t have a record of it.” We literally drove in right after he had towed it out.

I like that her husband continues to look after her from above. I like that, sometimes when we listen with our hearts, we are guided. Even when there is no apparent reason to be where we are led, we eventually find what we seek, with just a little, well sometimes a lot, of help. Thank goodness.


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