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Gulf Shores
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Monday, August 12, 2013

6-5-13 RMB 4am

6-5-13 RMB 4am 

Dear Rita Mae Brown,

The other night I wrote until 4 am in my stories. The next day, exhausted I went to bed early, but woke at 4am …to write. I am at once reminded of why I write and of my own limitations. I write because that is where I am in my element…whether my words are entertaining or of any interest at all to anyone else is another story. 

I am limited, because writing does not yet “fit” in my life, between work and kids and other familial obligations and walking…I find myself writing at hours previously spent sleeping. How long can I rob myself of slumber to allot that time to write?

Or do I adjust my walking regimen and walk less? I have lost 54 pounds and plan to lose 51 more. As is, much of my walking time is spent in character development and scene mapping.

I multitask my friends into my life to make room for them. A friend, the one that pointed out I am ye’ of little patience, has already informed me that she would like a conversation with me, just me. She would like me to call just once when I am not walking, watching boys, washing laundry, or shopping. She would like a call that is a call not accompanied by another task. She is asking a lot. 

Wow, what a complainer I have become…perhaps I am cranky…from lack of sleep.



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