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Gulf Shores
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Friday, August 16, 2013

6-11-13 RMB A Good Quest

6-11-13 RMB A Good Quest
Dear Rita Mae Brown,
“How do you know she is good?”
“Because you married her!”
“If all three of the guys were evil, wouldn’t that be something.”
“I don’t think any of the guys are evil.”
“See, I’m not drunk.”
“At this point I don’t know what to think.”
“It only takes three for evil to win.”
“Well, you’re on the quest.”
“This quest does, in fact, succeed.”
“Did I not tell you I was good?”
These are words said at a ‘round table’ where three generations play a game. The table is actually rectangular, but the game is in the spirit of King Arthur, complete with quests, good and evil. There is much laughter, joy and merriment. They are having fun. I am having fun listening to them.
These are the moments my father gives us. He is not in the room, having retired for the night hours ago. His work here is done. Starting a couple years ago, he contacted family members, arranged the dates, the place – a big house on Alabama’s Gulf Shore, the airline tickets, sleeping quarters, the activities and the atmosphere. He brought one from New Mexico, a couple from Kentucky, several from California, many from Alabama; four generations, comprised of nearly two dozen people and one dog.
The man who spent a lifetime establishing boundaries builds bridges, from generation to generation, from sibling to sibling. His efforts reunite some parted for decades; introduce generations to one another.
These moments are his greatest gift. These moments were costly, financially for him, costly in time for each individual. We all took time out of our lives to be here, some despite health issues or work issues or just plain old issues. Because of these reunions, family members email one another, open up to one another. Friendships are formed and existing bonds strengthen.
Interesting how, in these costly moments, it is our history, our everyday moments of yesteryear that bring us together. The retelling of stories, while etching new ones in our lives, solidifies who we are, to one another and our own awareness of ourselves.
He discusses finances; gives us pointers for our future security. But what I am learning from him is something that can’t be measured in dollars and cents. His efforts demonstrate that the very best gifts we can give to ourselves and others, are certain moments; moments like these. Some cost more than others in a variety of ways, yet all are precious.   
Cheers to enjoying your moments,

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