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Monday, August 5, 2013

5-27-13 RMB Captivating Adventures

5-27-13 RMB Captivating Adventures
Dear Rita Mae Brown,
As change swirls around me, the uneasiness I feel is settling into the facts, the proper course of action for the cause of the unease. Other’s lives are affected, not just my own. So I will elaborate later, when all is said and done.
I walk a thin line of lending support, while keeping my own balance, my own sanity. “Sanity” may be a bit overdramatic, but it is in the ballpark. Change wrecks me.
While lamenting to my wise friend three thousand miles away about the frustration of waiting to see where the cards may fall, she said “You are not a person that has much patience.”
Offended I remarked “I’ve put up with you for over thirty years, I think that shows a certain level of patience.”
Her response was a hearty laugh. Something must strike her quite funny to garner that response, which caused the thought to cross my mind that perhaps it was she that exhibited patience in putting up with me for the past thirty years. I thought it prudent to drop the topic.
This brief exchange caused me to determine to be more patient and, if falling short of that, to at least be aware of my own level of patience. I tested it out that night with a relative, listening more, paying more attention, wrestling down my own urge to flee, to escape into myself, my book, my walk.
A peacefulness came with the added patience. Patience = kindness. That is not an equation I would have structured previously, but it is the one that came to mind as I evaluated the peacefulness and its source.

In High Hearts, I am enjoying the characters more than I normally do in any book. You draw unique personalities with depth. One can sense the electricity between Geneva and Mars. Good writing reaches inside a person and moves them, to laugh or to cry…to feel.
The way you place a person in a position to discuss something from one perspective with another person of an opposite mind, each holding varying degrees of knowledge, that draws interest from the reader to discover, what will be discovered next between the characters. Your books are captivating adventures.
Peace be with you,

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