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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

5-28-13 RMB Destiny in the Wind

5-28-13 RMB Destiny in the Wind
Dear Rita Mae Brown,
In reading High Hearts, I gain an odd comfort in reading about the characters that lived in your mind who spoke with characters that lived in their minds. I enjoyed Ernie June’s explanation of the “familiars”, a person imagined that eases your heart, and Banjo’s conversations with his deceased wife.
Our minds, our souls, they are linked in ways undefined. It will take open minds seeking explanations to map the paths that minds free of restraint already roam.

One paragraph that I found particularly insightful was where Lutie contemplated the moments in time directly preceding the Civil War “this lull, this rosy prelude to whatever shall follow, she thought. We laugh too readily. We speak more openly to one another than before. Perhaps we say things that would better be left unsaid. The smiles are brighter, and the men more gallant. Is anyone as afraid as I am? The grain of destiny is in the wind.”
“The grain of destiny is in the wind.” That is a powerful sentence. It is a sentence that reveals something about the writer. Only a gifted person can feel the “grain of destiny” stir, only an insightful person sees its effect on others, as described by Lutie through the words of Rita Mae Brown.
We all have the ability to discover our gifts. Too few of us have the inclination. Seeing it and feeling it remain far from understanding it, further still from any degree of control over it or influence upon it.
Yet all we do is of influence, positive or negative, it all registers. There is a connection between our moments, our days and our lives; our future and our history. Every second counts. I seek the best direction, the most beneficial for us all, the paths are numerous, the steps - an infinity of choices.
One life, of such insignificance, in the midst of all life, it is all that I have to offer. I once struggled madly to make everything better, until it unraveled me. Now I attempt to make something better, anything better, if only to simply better myself.
To give more than you’ve taken, to help more than you’ve hindered, a sweet dream.
Sweet dreams to you,

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