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Thursday, August 8, 2013

5-29-13 RMB Seeing Magic

5-29-13 RMB Seeing Magic
Dear Rita Mae Brown,
I came upon this blog post from August 11, 2005 Here are some quotes I found interesting:

Regarding Rubyfruit Jungle:
I had to turn from the last page right back to the first to absorb it again. I read it twice in one long night”
“You cannot force open a closed mind like cracking a nut. I can, however, live with honor, respect and dignity.”
“I had been obsessed with Ms.Brown’s work for many years….I saw her speak at a little bookstore in northern California…I felt like I had seen God and heard her speak…only to come to the realization that she is only a woman, like anyone else. An intriguing, woman who knew how to beautifully and articulately speak her mind.”
This person writes of moving on with her life, growing up in a sense. I hope I never grow up. The “growing up” I refer to means losing your ability to see the magic. It means seeing a woman as just a woman, or a rock as a rock, rather than a pebble that has the power to help you find your way home.
There is a Winnie the Pooh story of how he tried leaving a trail to find his way home in several ways, ultimately pebbles did the trick. It’s derived from an old fable, but I like Winnie the Pooh’s version.
My “adult” nephew connected with that story. When he was with me, he brought me pebbles wherever we were. I tucked them in my pockets. At two he knew something about me that no adult knew. He knew I needed to find my way. He knew to bring me pebbles and that I would cherish them.
Years later, when a friend was going through storms of her own, I told her the story. We worked together. When I sensed she was having a bad day, I would leave pebbles on her keyboard. She never mentioned them. One day I asked her, “You do know I’m the one leaving pebbles on your keyboard, right? Do you remember the story?”
She laughed, “Yes, I remember, but even if I didn’t, I would know it was you leaving me pebbles.”
I was confused for a moment “How would you know it was me if you didn’t remember the story?”
She put her hand on her hip and with a bit of attitude replied “Really? Who else would give someone rocks??? Only you would do that.” I had to laugh. She had a point there.  
I often told her she was amazing. She is. I call another friend my hero. She was a cop for 17 years, but the main reason she is my hero is that her heart is strong and brave and loves more fully than any other I have known. There are others whose magic I see too. In you Rita Mae Brown, I see a unique spirit, one that became brave in the face of adversity, one that healed hearts and carried the passion of a warrior with the heart of a guardian. I hope I always see the magic in a pebble, in my friends…and in you.
With much admiration,

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