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Gulf Shores
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Sunday, August 18, 2013

6-12-13 RMB Teambuilding

6-12-13 RMB Teambuilding
Dear Rita Mae Brown,
A sister tells me she will be going to Nicaragua in a week for a week. It is a missionary trip to build a home for someone in need of one. We walk for over an hour and find solutions for the world’s problems.
It all seems so simple when two minds meet, whether they stand as one or side by side with opinions that differ. Eye to eye we see one another’s perspective, whether we agree or not, each evolves.
These reunions are teambuilding exercises; some cook together; some walk together; others play games; all interact; evolving into a new family; a stronger family. An education seeps in. When one learns the preferred soda of a cousin, more is learned than meets the eye, the inflection of one’s voice; the strength of one’s bias, “Any soda is fine” or “I’ll only drink…”. There is a big difference there. And there is so much more. 

I walk on the beach to collect shells for the New Mexico sister. I won’t go in the water; won’t wear a bathing suit or even shorts anymore, maybe someday, but not today.
A nephew helps me. He searches the ocean floor for shells under the waves. He comes to me soon after, “All I could find are rocks.” He hands me three big pebbles…this is the nephew, now twenty-eight, who at two, brought me pebbles, helped me find my way home.
Often what we find is something even greater than what we seek.
PS. If you read the letter dated 5-29-13, this one will make more sense, I’m just sayin’.

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